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Thanksgiving Day 2014
Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving, or Thanksgiving Day as it is called by many is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year. It is positioned at the end of the harvest season and is an annual Federal holiday to express thanks for one's material and spiritual possessions.

The period from Thanksgiving Day through to New Years Day is often called the holiday season in America.

Most people celebrate
Thanksgiving by
gathering at home with
family or friends for a
holiday feast.

Thanksgiving Day Traditions in the United States

One of the most important holidays in the United States is Thanksgiving. This day involves family getting together from all over the country and world for a time of special communion and togetherness.

In addition to this family time, there are numerous activities and traditions which go along to make this day one of the most eventful days of the entire year. In fact, because of this importance, all offices are closed for at least the Thursday of Thanksgiving and the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday. Many schools also have the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off, in order for students to travel home to visit their families during this time.

Thanksgiving - Most people celebrate

Thanksgiving Day A Time for Family

Of all the holidays on the American calendar, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the ones with the most connection with family and family time. It is common for family members who live far away to fly or drive back to their hometown for a large family gathering. Typically, the main event of Thanksgiving, the dinner, will take place at the house of the eldest member in the family. That is why many Americans will go the house of their grandparents for this day.

Once all of the members of the family have arrived, they often spend time at the house, instead of going out and doing things. Thus, the activities that a family might do include some of the following:

Thanksgiving Holiday

Talking with each other. It is rare that the entire extended family gets together, so this is an opportune time to catch up on everything that has happened over the past year. Not only matters pertaining to family are discussed.
Thanksgiving Holiday

Sharing photos of the past year. This is another way to communicate what each family member has been up to the past year or so. Photos of friends, boyfriends or girlfriends, places of travel, and pets are some of the most common subjects of photos shown to family during this holiday.
Thanksgiving Holiday

Playing board games. Some of the most popular games include Monopoly, Checkers, Trivial Pursuit, Janga, Sequence, and Cranium. These games can be a fun way to get family members who have not spent much time to talk and enjoy each other’s company while doing something together.
Pumpkin - Thanksgiving

Watching movies or TV. Watching television is a very normal thing for family members gathering for Thanksgiving to do, and there are annual televised events such as the parades in New York City or the football games all over the country.
Pumpkin - Thanksgiving

Going outside in the backyard. Since most family gatherings happen at the largest house, and most large houses in the United States have a sizable back yard, many activities can be enjoyed in this natural space.
Thanksgiving Holiday

Playing a sport like football or basketball. This is another true activity of Thanksgiving. Since both the football and basketball seasons are well underway in the US, these are the most popular sports that are played during Thanksgiving. Some families even have annual football matches, pitting one half of a family against the other. For those who do not feel like getting dirty, a simple game of tossing the football back and forth is a great way for certain members of the family to bond and have conversation.
Thanksgiving Holiday

Eating traditional Thanksgiving foods. Of course, one of the main attractions of Thanksgiving is the large amount of delicious food served up.
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Thanksgiving Holiday

Going shopping on Black Friday. The last Friday in November is known as Black Friday, and it is the largest shopping day in the entire year.

Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Food

For most Americans, the main attraction of this last Thursday in November is the large selection of high quality food cooked up by certain members of the family.
While the most famous Thanksgiving food item is turkey, there are several other food items such as the following which are always present at the dinner table when this holiday comes around:

  • Cranberry sauce: this is an odd food made from cranberries. It is sweet and tangy in flavor.
  • Dinner rolls: these are the classic bread item for Thanksgiving.
  • Steamed vegetables: usually there is a range of vegetables available, such as carrots, peas, green beans, lima beans, and zucchini.
  • Corn on the cob. Often steamed as well, this dish dates back to the original Thanksgiving between the English settlers in Massachusetts and the Native Americans of the land.
  • Apple pie. Truly a classic American dessert, apple pie is often served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. This is eaten after the meal.
  • Pumpkin pie. Since pumpkins are in season during this time of year, it is traditional to use all the excess pumpkins to make pies. Also, the seeds which are extracted are often baked and seasoned, making for a nice snack food.
  • Baked potatoes. Potatoes are a main staple of the American diet, and this variety of potato is a classic Thanksgiving food. It is often served with butter, sour cream, chives, bacon bits, cheese, and salt and pepper.
  • Salad. A mixed salad is often a healthy choice on the dinner table. Vegetables usually included are lettuce, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, green peppers, and corn.

The large number of choices makes this dinner a very enjoyable one to take part in.


One of the traditions of American Thanksgiving is to make too much food. Even with ten or more family members gathering to observe this holiday, those who are cooking always make far too much. The extra food is packed and saved as leftovers, and eaten for days or weeks to come after the holiday.

It Won't Be Long

Even though the Thanksgiving holidays are shorter than most would like, it is usually not long before the family meets again for Christmas. In fact, from Thanksgiving until the end of the year is considered to be “the holiday season,” with many family members getting together during this time. The Monday after Thanksgiving, everyone is back to work for a few weeks before the Christmas and New Year holidays in December.

Thanksgiving - Turkey

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth
Thursday in November each year.

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